Where to Buy Manuka Honey

Where to Buy Manuka HoneyWondering where to buy manuka honey? If you have a health food store in your town, you can most likely buy Manuka honey there. However, they may not have many different brands to choose from and the prices might be higher than you want to pay. Also, they might not have UMF certified honey. If you really want a good variety of choices at prices lower than retail stores usually offer, you’ll want to buy Manuka online.

I usually by our Manuka from Amazon.com. They have a great selection of UMF certified brands. (See our choices for the Best Manuka Honey Brands). It also helps to be able to read reviews from customers before you buy and to compare and shop in the comfort of your own home.

Amazon also has a lot of great Manuka honey products like Manuka creams, Manuka honey bandages, Manuka lozenges, and other products you might not find in stores.

If you do find a high quality Manuka honey at your local store, we recommend checking Amazon before buying to see if they have a better deal on the same product.

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