Manuka Oil for Athlete’s Foot

Manuka Honey for Athletes FootIf you or someone in your family is unlucky enough to have contracted tinea pedis, or athlete’s foot, you will want to wipe it out as quickly as possible so that it does not take hold and cause symptoms beyond the itching and burning of a minor infection. That’s where Manuka oil comes in. Research from New Zealand has found that it is an excellent home remedy for athlete’s foot.

Whether you’re already dealing with a case or worried about catching it in the future, it may be a good idea to keep Manuka oil on hand so that there is no delay in treatment should one of these painful and annoying infections occur. In the age of drug resistant strains and superbugs we need as many curative tools in our medical toolbox as we can muster and there are few compounds in nature which are as effective as those in Manuka oil.

Chemical anti-fungal treatments can be quite toxic and cause different and unpredictable side effects from person to person. It’s always a concern to have these substances out of reach when there are young children or pets in the home and one may even have to get a prescription to obtain them in the first place. Using Manuka oil as a first line of defense for athlete’s foot bypasses the hassle and worry associated with chemical agents whether you are concerned about kids or you just don’t want to smell like a medicine cabinet. Manuka oil also shows greater efficacy in treating infections than its Australian cousin, the powerful but pungent tea tree oil. The New Zealand grown Manuka can be used in smaller quantities with less tendency for skin irritation or tolerance building and, when done correctly, harvesting the oil does not even harm the tree.

How to Use It
At the first sign of any itching or burning, apply Manuka oil over the affected area with a cotton ball twice a day and put clean socks on. You may have to continue treating until all the layers of affected skin have been naturally shed and replaced but this, combined with clean socks and shoes and maybe a new set of flip flops for the locker room, will likely end your foot fungus woes without the use of any harsh fungicides.

It’s a good idea to bleach any clothes, socks or shoes that may have come in contact with the infection site or source. Fungus thrives in moist environments so it’s most likely to occur between toes or on the underside of the foot, especially if you frequent places which are inherently moist and high traffic themselves like public pools or the gym.

Our favorite Manuka oils for this purpose are Pur365 Manuka Oil and Gault Enterprises Manuka oil.

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