Manuka Honey for Dogs

Manuka Honey for DogsWhile more and more people are learning about the health benefits of Manuka honey for people, not many people realize that it can also be used to treat similar conditions in animals. If you’re a natural-minded pet owner like myself, you want to avoid chemicals and medicines as much as possible. After all, our furry friends deserve to keep it natural, too!

Whether your doggie got a cut in his paw while out on a walk or pissed off the family cat, sometimes wounds can happen. To treat a dog’s wound with Manuka honey, simply apply Manuka with a UMF rating of 15 or higher to the wound. Re-apply two or three times a day as needed. This will prevent infection as well as speed up healing. There’s no need to use a bandage. You can use a cervical collar if the dog repeatedly licks off the honey before it has a chance to work its magic.

For burns, wash the area well, then apply a thick coating of Manuka every 10-20 minutes until the acute pain has subsided. Wrap lightly with bandages and use a cervical collar to prevent the dog from messing with the area.

Kennel Cough
For kennel cough, dogs can be given 1/2 a teaspoon of Manuka three to four times a day. It will help to soothe the dog’s sore throat, reduce inflammation, and prevent bacteria from breeding.

A lot of dogs suffer from allergies that can make them itchy and irritated. Depending on the size of your dog, a daily dose of 1/2 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon twice per day may do the trick. Some dogs are able to forego prescription allergy products like Benadryl with the use of honey.

Does your regular dog shampoo not leave your pooch smelling as fresh as you’d like? Try mixing raw honey at a 1:1 ratio with a natural shampoo and adding water to dilute it. Its antibacterial and antiseptic properties will help with odor and soothe your dog’s skin at the same time.

Note: Manuka is perfectly safe for most dogs over the age of one but check with your veterinarian before using it if your dog is diabetic or has other health issues.

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