Manuka Honey Bandages

Medihoney 4x5Due to the growing demand for solutions for drug resistant bugs in hospitals and at home, one company has come up with a solution that makes it easier to apply Manuka honey to wounds and infections. The company is called Derma Sciences and the product is called Medihoney. They are bandages and adhesive strips coated in Manuka honey. The products were first only available to hospitals, clinics, and doctors but today they are available in drugstores and online. These bandages can be used not only for human injuries and wounds but are a great, non-toxic option for treating pet wounds.

Many people have tried these bandages after getting frustrated that their wounds would not heal and found that, after using the Manuka bandages, there was significant improvement in their wounds.

The bandages come in several sizes like the The Medihoney 4 x 5 Occlusive Bandage which is a good option for larger wounds, including bed sores. I tried this size for what I thought was a staph infection on my knee (turned out not to be) and found it to be a good size and easy to use.

You can cut it into smaller pieces if you don’t need it quite this big, then cover the smaller pieces with regular bandages to keep them in place.

It is a bit pricey for one bandage but it is meant to be used in serious situations such as infected wounds, MRSA infections, or bed sores so well worth the money in those cases when nothing else will work. It does come in a 10 Count Box at a significant discount if you are going to need more than one.

For a smaller option, there is the 4.3″ x 4.3″ Medihoney bandage that features a colloidal gel that helps to keep the wound moist and aids in autolytic debridement.

In addition to bandages and dressings, Medihoney has a whole line of gels and creams that can be used with standard bandages. Some people report a reduction in scarring after using these products on cuts and other wounds. See all of the options here.

Whether you’re treating a serious infection, a wound that won’t heal, bed sores, or any other injury that you want to heal as well as possible, Medihoney really has a lot of great options.

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